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My Talk ‘Manage your Mind’ is centred around my raw story of how I went from being a happy, carefree 21-year-old to clinically depressed and on the edge of suicide.


I am passionate about creating more awareness surrounding the topics of mental health as well as providing practical tips to boost your mental health immune system and inspiring you to make the changes. 

We created the digital age to simplify things, but we seem to have given ourselves more work and have found ourselves spinning ever faster on the hamster wheel of life. The more advanced our society becomes the more depression, stress, anxiety and burnout exist. It is also causing us to fall more and more out of tune with what our minds and social relationships actually require which is to have a sense of connectedness, safeness and wellbeing. 

It took me almost killing myself to realise that I was reaching for all the wrong goals, neglecting the basics, and not looking after my mind. I want my story to be your guide so that you avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

Being an expert by experience as well as now working in the mental health profession gives me a deep understanding and insight on the prevalent topics surrounding all things mental health, so you are in safe hands. 



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